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An important part of the Centre's work is the rescue and rehabilitation of wild, injured birds of prey. These are either brought to us by the public, the Police or the RSPCA, or brought to our attention by phone calls from concerned people.
Our aim is to return as many to the wild as possible and if this is not possible to give the bird the care that it needs in captivity.
We are lucky to have two exceptional avian vets who treat these birds in their time of need. It is thanks to generous public donations that we are able to continue this very worthwhile work as this helps to pay for the equipment needed and the vets bills.
We are pleased to say that we have a very high success rate in this extremely rewarding area.
This past year has seen Tawny owls, Little owls, Barn owls, Kestrels and Buzzards, all successfully returned to where they belong.
The satisfaction as we release our charges and see them flying free with a second chance is hard to describe, but is something we cherish.
All our work is done off site in order to keep all the birds as wild as possible but if you have any questions please feel free to ask
In addition to our rehabilitation programme for wild injured birds, the staff here at the centre also dedicate their time to the care and training of unwanted or ill-treated captive bred birds of prey. These birds are given to us by the RSPCA or by previous owners in a range of conditions and the staff put a lot of time into giving these birds the life they deserve. Success stories include a few of our stars such as Igor and Sorrel!

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