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If you become as fond of our birds as we are, we can also offer you the chance to sponsor one of our birds!
Here at Huxley's we would like to give our visitors the opportunity to sponsor their own bird. We offer two different sponsorship lengths, either for 6 months or for 12 months. Upon sponsoring one of our birds, we will present a plaque on the aviary of your bird , and the opportunity to come and visit whenever you like!

You can be sure that when you take out a sponsorship, it will only be you that sponsors the bird and no one else.

Your name will be mounted on the aviary so that when you visit, you will know exactly who you have sponsored. If your bird is a member of the flying team and happy to do so, you will get first chance to fly your bird during the display*

Sponsorship of one of our birds would also make a unique and exciting gift for someone and the money you give us will not only go towards the upkeep of your bird but the rehabilitation of injured wild birds of prey. Remember, you gain free entry to the Centre in order to visit your bird.

*subject to availability of the bird on the day and flying displays are always subject to weather!

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